100% removal. Another reckless act of Snurnitsyn


Ukrainian coach Alexander Babich commented on the result of the match of the 28th round of the UPL between the clubs Zorya and Shakhtar:

– I am sure that the intrigue has already died out. Shakhtar will be the champion of Ukraine with a 100% probability. I don’t even believe in the theoretical chances of Dnipro-1 for gold. For the success of Dnipro, it is necessary that Shakhtar lose in two out of two matches. Is it possible? I see no reason for this. In the match against Zorya, Jovičević’s team acted reliably, confidently and solidly. Having a five-point handicap, the Pitmen will play loosely at the finish line.

I really liked the football played by Zubkov, whom I consider the best player of the match against Zorya. He made cool passes, and he saw the field remarkably, he moved very well and fought successfully.

– Before this match, did you expect Zorya to cause trouble to Shakhtar?

– I wanted intrigue, and I’m not alone … The sign was very attractive, and I wanted to see, or rather feel, more football nerve. But I never saw how Zorya planned to neutralize the larger class of Shakhtar in general. In the first half, the Pitmen confidently defeated Zorya’s pressure with short and medium passes.

What did Zorya get when she was with the ball? I created one and a half chances… I expected more from Buleza and from Rusin, who should demonstrate more non-standard moves. Zorya really missed the match against Shakhtar Guerrero. It’s a pity that this legionnaire couldn’t play due to an injury, because it would be interesting to see him in the game against the Pitmen.

– How would you rate the refereeing of the match in general?

– The main referee of the meeting, Alexander Shandor, worked solidly. I would pay special attention just to the removal of Snurnitsyn. Firstly, it is 100%, and secondly, this is another reckless act of Snurnitsyn, who fails his team in this way not for the first time. Not a very good call for him. At 23, Snurnitsyn can’t handle his emotions. Q: Is that his ceiling?

As for the refereeing in general, the referee could justifiably remove one more Zorya player – Brazhko. His foul drew on a red card, and this was especially clear for the VAR referee. However, Shandor acted wisely to some extent, so as not to break the game.

The match of the 28th round of the Ukrainian Championship Zorya – Shakhtar ended with a score of 2:0 in favor of the Donetsk team.

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2023-05-25 06:45:00

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