Alexander Khatskevich: “I want to work in Europe”


Former Dynamo Kyiv coach Oleksandr Khatskevich admitted that he would like to work for a European club:

“It is clear that I want to work in Europe, but at the moment there are many factors associated with the Belarusian passport.

I ran into these problems when I got to Europe. Even leaving for Cyprus, when a job appeared … On April 10, he left for Europe, and until September 15 he was not legalized in any way, there was no visa. I submitted the documents and they were considered.

Until May 31, I have a residence in Cyprus. Now my son is recovering here after an operation in the same team, there is an opportunity to return to Europe.

Is it pulling home? We are considering the option that when we return to Europe, we will probably return to Kyiv. Because I really want to go home.

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2023-05-22 21:23:00

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