“Chernomorets is absolutely not ready for European competitions”


Chernomorets head coach Roman Grigorchuk commented on the victory over Lviv (1:0) in the match of the 28th round of the UPL:

“We got 3 points and solved the most important task that we had today. As for the game, of course, everything looked unimportant, but I would not like to talk about it, criticize someone or look for reasons for this. Because I know the reason.

I imagined the game in such a way that it would not be some kind of brilliant, bright game. Because I saw how the players are going through, how much the burden of a low place in the standings is pressing on them, the threat of relegation. It was predictable, although I still hoped that we would deal with this problem better and look better on the field.

But there is a picture, we understand what we need to work on – this is the ability to withstand pressure, to show our football in any strategic situation, to play at our level. I think we still have a lot of work to do in this direction.

I will tell you globally: “Chernomorets” is currently understaffed. The loss of any player is very tangible for us. We felt it in every game, especially at the end of the season, when the players started to miss matches due to cards being overdrawn. In order to avoid such situations when, due to the loss of one or two players, we look much worse, the team must be formed and be staffed much better.

Voytikhovsky’s injury? Probably, more accurate information will be after the examination, but the preliminary picture is very unimportant.

Tight calendar? If we conditionally imagine the situation in which we play in European competitions and have the same calendar as in these couple of weeks, then Chornomorets is absolutely not ready for this. The team is not staffed as it should be.

With the squad that we have now, it would be simply impossible. We must also take into account that our style is energy-intensive. This is especially noticeable at the stage when our football, our game has not yet been fully formed. But if we take a longer period of time, then we could cope with the task of playing 3-4 matches – in a mode in three days for the fourth.

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2023-05-27 07:59:00

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