CHU-2022 in biathlon. Sisters Semerenko and Krivonos won the women’s relay


Relay day at the Ukrainian biathlon championship, which takes place on the basis of the Western Rehabilitation and Sports Center of the NKSIU.

In the women’s race, the favorites, given the experience of the declared athletes, looked like the team of the Sumy region – with two Olympic champions and a representative of the base of the Ukrainian team in the composition. The Sumchanka won, although they did it less confidently than one might expect.

At the first stage, Vita Semerenko lost 45 seconds to Valeria Dmitrenko, but already at the next stage, Anna Krivonos made the most significant contribution to the victory of her team, playing almost two minutes against Daria Chalik!

Then, at the third stage, young athletes ran in both the Sumy and Chernihiv teams, and the status quo after the performance of Polina Putsko and Inna Antonenko did not change. Well, in the final segment, Valya Semerenko, although she lost in time to Kristina Dmitrenko, quite confidently brought the matter to victory. At the finish line, the distance between gold and silver was 17 seconds.

The fight for bronze took place almost according to the same scenario, and here the team of the city of Kyiv was stronger than the second Sumy four. But the backlog from the leaders was almost four minutes.

Race results:

1. Sumy region-1 1:11:15.0
Vita Semerenko
Anna Krivonos
Polina Putsko
Valentina Semerenko

2. Chernihiv region +17.5
Valeria Dmitrenko
Daria Chalyk
Inna Antonenko
Christina Dmitrenko

3. Kyiv +3:50.1
Victoria Khvostenko
Victoria Kripak
Valeria Sheygas
Lilia Steblina

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