“Contact with many Russian friends is lost”


Andriy Voronin, 43, recalled the events of February 24, 2022, when rashist troops invaded Ukraine, starting a full-scale war.

How can I forget that day? I was in Moscow sleeping. The children woke me up: “Dad, the war.” My first reaction was: “What war? Let me sleep!” Then I turned on the phone. There were as many messages on it as I usually get on my birthday. Then I turned on the TV, and I realized that the incredible happened, ”said Voronin.

A year ago, Voronin worked as an assistant coach at Dynamo Moscow. After the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he immediately left the Russian Federation and went with his family to Germany, to Dusseldorf.

“I still can’t believe that this actually happened. And it’s been going on for twelve months now. What did people in Ukraine have to go through during this time? Our cities, dead civilians, children, women, no electricity and no water for a long time… If I had predicted that this would happen to my country, I would never have believed it.

How can a person be happy when children die from bombings? I can’t imagine anything like that. But there are people in Russia who support this. Every normal person should be against the war.

Contact with many Russian friends is lost. But I received and still receive comments from Russians who scold me. Like, you were happy to take our money, and now you are against us. Hey, it was work in Moscow. This does not forbid me to be against the war,” Voronin said.

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2023-02-26 20:43:00

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