“Cooperative” Troynichok “played past the money”


Executive Director of Metalist 1925 Andrey Nedelen commented on the draw with Ingulets (0:0) in the match of the 28th round of the Ukrainian Premier League, and also turned to journalist Viktor Vatsko, who bet 5,000 hryvnia on the victory of the team from Petrovo due to allegedly contractual nature of the duel.

“Funny. According to authoritative sources, the “Troynichok” cooperative as part of “Ingulets”, the referee of the lowest category who “worked” at today’s match and an unknown third party, hereinafter referred to as “incognito”, played “past the money”, “putting” in Asian and not Only offices considerable means. They rubbed their hands, expected replenishment of “budgets of different levels”, but that’s bad luck – something went wrong. We state the “cash gap” among the “experts of the betting market”, which, apparently, will have to be covered in the next rounds. We take popcorn, stock up on patience.

Without sarcasm, there are no words to describe the range of emotions. In the locker room, right after the match, our team “wept” from such “impartial refereeing”. “Cold-blooded, planned ‘murder’. From the first minutes and all the time, search-search-search for something that you can “hook on”. Those who understand football saw everything and smiled ironically. What is the second yellow card for Zhichikov? For being first on the ball? Shame!!!

Emotions are overwhelming, it is impossible to react calmly, remembering the entire pre-match “warm-up” from journalists of gamblers of various genres and levels of “awareness”. Chuuka you say? Take care of yourself, don’t worry, don’t rush to win back five thousand at the Premier League matches or anywhere else today. Apparently, you had a bad luck, you should give a pause …

And the Tribune of Heroes Foundation will not suffer. On the contrary, tomorrow another 100,000 hryvnias will be donated from Metallist 1925 to a good and righteous cause. But where to put the sediment? Could it be that an authoritative commentator, a person who knows football and near-football in detail, could not see that even ten of us were being persecuted today as “enemies of the people”? And even in such a configuration, fighting back “10-14”, we could not lose to the collective farm?

And I congratulate our team from the bottom of my heart. They did a little miracle today. With such an arbitration, neither Shakhtar nor Manchester City would have been carried away from here.

Guys, you are the best! We are taking another important step in maintaining a residence permit in the UPL! Kharkiv is a Hero City, and today you are its worthy representatives.

PS: We are waiting for a public apology from Viktor Vatsko, if the word reputation is not an empty phrase for him,” wrote Nedelin.

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2023-05-26 12:53:00

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