Defeat of Dnepr-1, Shakhtar is almost a champion, flood in Krivoy Rog


In the central match of the round, Shakhtar defeated Zorya 3-0. Taking into account the Pitmen’s victory and Dnipro-1’s defeat in the match against Vorskla (1:2), only a miracle can prevent Shakhtar from getting the gold medals of the championship (two rounds before the finish line, Jovičević’s team is five points ahead of Kucher’s team) . Dynamo won the second consecutive major victory. This time it went to Kolos. Metalist, having lost to Kryvbas, 99% guaranteed a farewell to the UPL.

Tour return

Two key Dynamo players immediately played for their team for the first time after a long break caused by complex injuries. Goalkeeper Bushchan went to the base against Kolos and managed to keep a clean sheet. Midfielder Shaparenko appeared on the field after the break, replacing Andrievsky. But this time was enough for Nikolai to score with an assist.

FC Dynamo. Nikolay Shaparenko (No. 10) returned to the field after a long break

Fail Tour

FC Dynamo

Dynamo didn’t even have to score the first goal against Kolos. Instead of them, the goalkeeper of the Kovalevsky team Volynets did it. Under pressure from Parris, Eugene lost his head and knocked the ball out not from the goal, but parallel to it. The ball hit the post and went into the net.

Tour goal

Dynamo midfielder Andrievsky scored another cool goal. It seems that Alexander has taken the habit of scoring, then doing it beautifully. This time, Kolos suffered from the Dynamo opornik. A strong blow from outside the penalty area just below the “nine” – beauty without a chance for Volynets.

Tour sensation

Dnipro-1, on the eve of the face-to-face confrontation with Shakhtar, met with Vorskla. The duel did not promise the Dnipros an easy walk, however, it should not have become an insurmountable obstacle either. The statistics of confrontations are clearly in favor of the team from Dnipro, and Dnipro-1 will now be more serious in terms of the selection of performers. And when Blanco opened the scoring in the opening of the meeting, the impression was that the Dnipro team would win. But it was not there. A few minutes later, Sklyar converted a penalty, and in the last minutes of the first half, Kane scored a good goal. There were no goals scored in the second half, although Kucher’s men tried very hard.

VAR tour

A VAR brigade worked at the game between Dnipro-1 and Vorskla. And contributed to the final score. A penalty kick against the Dnipro team was delivered after a prompt from the “chief” in VAR Aranovsky. The episode, which was considered by the chief referee of the meeting Kozyk on “TV”, is really ambiguous: either Adamyuk violated the rules against Nesterenko, or he did not. Kozyk decided that he had violated, and pointed to the “point”.

But Kozyk did not put a penalty against Vorskla, although he received advice from Aranovsky. The judge in the field considered that in the 30th minute of the match Batsula did not play a hand in his own penalty area.

Tour words

The head coach of Dnipro-1 Oleksandr Kucher was very dissatisfied with the refereeing after the game against Vorskla: “Can VAR put another extra one on top? How they interpret the rules is unclear. But I understand why Svatok was given a yellow card: there is our out, he tells the referee about it and receives a fourth yellow card to miss the game with Shakhtar. These are understandable things that occur in our football. And so it turns out that the guys have been working all year, winning victories and breaking everything in one game … So why play then? Maybe not at all?”

Tour match

The best team of the spring part of the season – Zorya – played against the leader – Shakhtar. Both teams had chances for the championship. But after the match, the Luhansk side lost those chances. But now only a miracle can prevent the Donetsk team from taking the championship crown: two rounds before the finish line, they are ahead of Dnipro-1 by five points. Sudakov opened the scoring with a good shot from outside the penalty area already in the debut of the meeting. And in the debut of the second half of the game, van Leeuwen’s wards were in the minority. The fate of the match was sealed. Ten minutes later, Bondarenko scored the second goal, effectively removing the question of the winner. And the victorious point was put by substitute Kelsey, who needed only two minutes to distinguish himself.

Deleting a tour

It wasn’t easy for Zorya in the match against Shakhtar and in equal lineups, however, after Snurnitsyn was sent off at the beginning of the second half, the Lugansk team actually threw in the “white towel”. If Zorya’s defender broke the rules out of desperation, saving the goal, this could be at least somehow understood. But in this case, his behavior cannot be called otherwise than a momentary clouding. Igor just loaded Zubkov’s legs from behind. And immediately I saw a straight red card in front of me.

Tour’s comeback

By the 17th minute of the match “Veres” – “Alexandria” the guests were leading with a score of 2:0. Distinguished Kovalets and Mikhailenko. It seemed that Rotan’s wards would win a simple victory. But it only seemed. In the middle of the first half, Klets returned one ball. And at the beginning of the second half of the game, Vovchenko scored the second goal. Rotan at the head of “Alexandria” stubbornly continues to rivet draws: in 13 fights – 11 world matches.

Tour rescheduling

The match between Kryvbas and Metalist was supposed to start at 15.00. However, the teams did not come to the game at the approved time. And the reason is not in air alert, but in weather disasters. There was a thunderstorm in Krivoy Rog, because of it they decided to shift the start time of the fight. As a result, the match was still played: the hosts got a comfortable victory 2:0.

Tour zeros

Outsider showdowns further confused the situation. Two matches ended in goalless draws at once: without goals scored, the points were shared by Minay with Rukh and Ingulets with Metalist-1925. It is still not clear who will have to play transitional matches with the teams of the first league for the right to participate in the next season, and who will avoid this unpleasant fate.

Symbolic team of the tour

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