Dnepr-1 – Vorskla. Forecast and announcement for the match of the championship of Ukraine


On Wednesday, May 24, within the framework of the 28th round of the UPL, Dnipro-1 and Vorskla will meet. The fight, which will be officiated by a referee team headed by Yaroslav Kozyk, will take place at the Avangard stadium in Uzhgorod.


For the team of Oleksandr Kucher, the championship rounds begin. Three rounds before the end of the championship, Dnipro are in second place in the table, two points behind the leader, Shakhtar. Considering that in the next round Dnipro-1 and Shakhtar will meet in a head-on duel, Dnipro cannot lose points in the game against Skrypnyk’s team.

The nominal hosts of the field are considered the favorites of the match. At least because of its more status tournament position. The statistics of confrontations with Vorskla, a more balanced line-up, and a lower predisposition to instability speak in favor of the team from Dnipro.

However, at the same time, it should be noted that it is not easy for Dnipro to score points in recent matches. By the end of the season, fatigue has accumulated. In addition, participation in the championship race certainly weighs on both the players and the coaching staff. Therefore, there is no doubt that the game for Dnipro-1 will not be easy. And not only because of the above arguments, but also because of the possible motivation of the opponent by a “third party”.

The match against Vorskla will probably be missed by Gutsulyak, who has a groin injury. But Peglow, who was disqualified after the match with Oleksandria, can play, because the club filed an appeal.


Despite the significant (as by today’s standards) strengthening of the team and the arrival of Viktor Skrypnik on its coaching bridge, in fact, throughout the current season, Vorskla chatted like a centrifuge.

The club announced a fight for the highest places, but almost until the last month of spring, the Vorsk people were known as real middle peasants. And only in the previous round, after a 1-0 home win over Kryvbas, Vorskla took sixth place – with a view of the European Cup zone.

Surely Skripnik’s team will try to keep the current tournament foothold. Although it will not be easy to do this: the remaining matches of the team are very difficult. Yes, and the main players – Seferi and Pavlyuk – out of the game due to injuries.

From the good news – he recovered after the consequences of a complex injury to Yurchenko.

Match statistics

The history of confrontations between the Dnieper and the Vorskians has ten fights. A tangible advantage is on the side of Dnipro-1: five wins. The Poltava team has only one victory. Four more fights ended in a draw. By the way, in the last six meetings, Dnipro-1 has not lost to Vorskla.

Forecast for confrontation

Both teams have had a hard time scoring goals in recent matches, so the match will be mutually difficult. But the tournament motivation, the commitment to Dovbik’s record and the overall class are now on the side of Dnipro-1. Therefore, let’s assume the victory of the Kuchera team with a difference of one goal.

Estimated compositions

“Dnepr-1”: Rybak, Nazarenko, Sarapiy, Swatok, Adamyuk, Pikhalyonok, Babenko, Rubchinsky, Peglow, Hainer, Dovbik.

“Vorskla”: Isenko, Kravets, Ramirez, Batsula, Perduta, Sklyar, Yurchenko, Chelyadin, Oleinik, Kane, Stepanyuk.

May 24, Wednesday

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