Dolgopolov explained to the minister how the government’s decision will affect tennis


Former leader of Ukrainian tennis Alexander Dolgopolov responded to the comment of the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Oleg Nemchinov about the decision of the government of the country that Ukrainian athletes will not compete in those qualifying competitions for the Olympic Games, where Russians and Belarusians will be allowed.

“I cannot help but react to the statements of the outstanding sports figure, Mr. Oleg Nemchinov.

Mr. Oleg, I am very sad that you were framed for this shameful position, but you should have thought before making loud statements.

1. – “This is not a qualifier for the Olympics, it’s a matter of making money, it’s not about dignity, not about the state, it’s about money.”

Mr. Oleg, you do not need to work with sports if you do not know that in tennis the most significant competitions are the Grand Slam tournaments, for them and for the annual rating (which is precisely the selection for the Olympics, and is determined from the best performances during the calendar year ), get to know our players, and Ukraine. The Olympics, of course, is important, but far from being the main thing in the interests of the state in the success of tennis players, and the recognition of Ukraine!

2. Mr. Oleg, the fact that you crap yourself in the Ministry of Sports and in the NOC of Ukraine, and for a year could not help with your state position, consolidated team actions, and demands to remove the Russians and Belarusians, when almost every significant representative of tennis publicly yelled about their suspension from the first day of a full-scale invasion, so it seems to me that this is a shame to your structures, and not to tennis and its representatives …

3. And finally, Mr. Oleg, despite the great respect for your participation in the ATO, to appeal to the deceased brother, because you and your colleagues honestly lost in the issue of suspension *sleep in some sports, this is a shame.

Let me remind you that former tennis players are now defending our country when you are already sitting in offices, making decisions for careers in professions in which you have no idea.

And also, I want to remind you that 90% of modern tennis at significant competitions for our state, unfortunately, is represented only by our beautiful women. It’s better to think than to manipulate with the fact that they will remain alive, that they have every right to be abroad and work, and it looks like they will succeed better than you, because apart from doing your job everywhere and trying to achieve the removal of the aggressor countries for more than a year, they still manage to transfer drones, cars and much more to my and other units.

Therefore, before you destroy an entire sport, or even many of the sports of our country (because I am not very aware of how critical this decision is for other sports), you would do well to study the details of each individual case before causing damage to the country!

And with combat units and manipulations about the war, both Mr. Gutzeit and you, do not forget that it is not you and not Gutzeit who are at war now, but we, you are in the offices, so let’s not tell us very much about the dead brothers, because it sounds it’s somehow…,” Dolgopolov wrote on Facebook.

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2023-03-31 17:55:00

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