“Everything was broken in one game. Why play at all then?


Dnipro-1 mentor Oleksandr Kucher assessed the defeat in the Ukrainian championship match against Vorskla 1:2. The coach has questions about the opponent’s penalty and refereeing in general.

– Of course, now the guys are upset, because they played and gave themselves, they showed very good football today, but one goal scored was not enough for us. Well, as for penalties: first, in one episode, VAR said that there was a violation of the rules, and in another moment, VAR said that there was no handball in the penalty area … So, where is the penalty, where is it – I don’t understand anything. I remember that “Vorskla” played with someone, finished 2-2, and there, too, one of the opponents got the ball in the hand, so a penalty was awarded there. Well, for some reason they don’t put such penalties for us, and this is not the first time.

We had the same hand with Kryvbas when we lost 1:2, and then we did not put a penalty in the opponent’s goal. That is, someone is assigned such 11-meter throws, but for some reason we are not. Can VAR put an extra one on top? How they interpret the rules is unclear. But I understand why Svatok was given a yellow card: there is our out, he tells the referee about it and receives a fourth yellow card to miss the game with Shakhtar.

These are understandable things that occur in our football. And so it turns out that the guys have been working all year, winning victories and breaking everything in one game … So why play then? Maybe not at all?

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2023-05-24 18:58:00

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