Figures and facts. The most important events of the 28th round of the UPL


The most important figures of the last UPL round are in our traditional review.

Shakhtar wins against Zorya for the 20th time.

The Donetsk team inflicted the 18th defeat on the Luhansk team, repeating their own record of the Ukrainian championships, achieved in the matches with the Karpaty, including the 9th one away, setting a new highest achievement of the UPL.

The miners celebrate the 80th major victory on foreign fields.

The Orange-and-Blacks, who won 3rd in a row (balls 7-1), extend their total unbeaten streak to 16 matches (+13=3), and the away streak to 10.

Igor Jovićević’s wards score 27 matches in a row, and 18 on foreign fields.

Artem Bondarenko is making his 50th match in the ranks of Shakhtar (NC – 37, CL – 1, EC – 12, and Taras Stepanenko – 80th as the captain of the Pitmen (NC – 62, CL – 1, SC – 1, EC – 16).

Artem Bondarenko scores the 60th goal of the Pitmen in away battles with the Luhansk team.

Zorya breaks three of its record streaks: a winning streak out of 7 matches, an unbeaten home streak out of 21 (+17=4) and a goal streak out of 22 at home. The last time the black-white-reds lost to the guests was on August 8, 2021 – 1:2 with Dynamo, and did not score at home on July 25, 2021 – 0:1 with Oleksandriya.

Wards of Patrick van Leeuwen do without the world 13 matches in a row (+11-2).

Two dry streaks of the Luhansk team are coming to an end. Record total – at the 410th minute, and home – at the 320th.

“Vorskla” from the 5th attempt for the first time wins away from “Dnepr-1”.

The white-greens are celebrating their 3rd victory in a row (goals 5-1).

Oleksandr Sklyar’s goal turns out to be the 10th goal for Poltava in the battles with Dnipro, and for Dnipro-1 it is the 50th one conceded at home.

“Dnepr-1” suffers the 5th weak-willed defeat in the UPL, including the first one at home.

Wards of Oleksandr Kucher extend the goal streak to 12 matches.

Dynamo, which defeated Kolos for the 4th time, becomes the author of the 30th major victory of the 2022/23 season.

The Kyivans, who won the 5th victory in a row on foreign fields (balls 14-3), extend their away unbeaten streak to 11 matches (+10=1).

The White and Blues have scored 10 games in a row and 23 away games.

Nazar Voloshin becomes the author of the 10th goal of Dynamo in away matches with Kovalev.

The 150th match in his career is played by Oleksandr Tymchik (ChU – 109, KU – 10, SK – 1, EK – 18, SS – 12).

Dry series by George Bushchan reaches 380 minutes.

“Kolos” suffers the 3rd defeat in a row (goals 1-7), and at home – the 4th (goals 1-9), setting a new personal anti-record.

The goalless home series of Yaroslav Vishnyak’s wards reaches a “record” 257 minutes.

Kovalevtsy cannot hit the gates of Kiev for 362 minutes in a row.

Evgeny Volynets becomes the 10th player to score 3 goals in his own net in the UPL, including the first among goalkeepers.

Veres shares points with Oleksandriya in all three meetings at home.

Black-yellow-green sign the 10th World War under the leadership of Ruslan Rotan.

The ball scored by Dmitry Klets is the 100th conceded by Nikita Shevchenko in the championships of Ukraine.

The drawless home series of Kryvbas reaches 12 matches (+8=4).

Daniel Sosa becomes the author of the 400th goal of Kryvyi Rih at home, including the 20th in home battles with Metalist.

FC Kryvbas. Daniel Sosa (No. 9)

FC Kryvbas. Daniel Sosa (No. 9)

Wards of Yuriy Vernidub play for the 10th time this season.

Metalist is holding its 600th match in the Ukrainian championships.

The yellow-blues suffer in general the 3rd defeat in a row (goals 0-9), and on foreign fields – the 7th (goals 3-18).

Metalist’s winless away streak reaches 11 matches (+2-9).

The wards of Peritsa Ognenovic do not score 3 matches in a row, both in general (282 minutes) and away (278 minutes).

Chornomorets, having won away to Lvov for the 3rd time in a row (balls 4-0), becomes the 4th club to celebrate 100 victories on foreign fields in the championships of Ukraine.

The victory of the Odessa team turns out to be the 80th for the guests in the 2022/23 season.

Lviv raises the bar of two personal anti-records, having suffered a total of 11 defeats in a row (goals 5-23), and at home – 6 (goals 1-10).

The “citizens” repeat two more club achievements, extending the drawless streak to 11 matches, and with conceded goals to 13.

Wards of Anatoly Bessmertny do without victories for 13 matches in a row (= 1-12), and without goals scored in total 495 minutes, and at home – 394.

“Metalist 1925”, having made the 10th draw away, signs the 10th World War under the leadership of Edmar.

Kharkiv can not hit the gates of the hosts for 281 minutes in a row.

Two personal anti-records are updated by Ingulets, whose total goalless streak reaches 705 minutes, and home – 435.

Minai and Rukh part ways for the 3rd time in a row.

Transcarpathians hold the 10th goalless match in this championship.

Rukh repeats the personal anti-record, without victories away from home for 7 matches in a row (=2-5).

The 10th match in the elite division is played by the coach of the yellow-blacks Vitaly Ponomarev (+2=5-3, 9-9).

Rukh, which made the 10th goalless draw in the UPL, signs the 10th World Cup this season.

The goalless away streak of the yellow-blacks reaches 322 minutes.

FC Dynamo. Alexander Andrievsky

FC Dynamo. Alexander Andrievsky

The 100th match in the championships of Ukraine is held by Oleksandr Andrievsky (Dynamo), the 50th by Maxim Pryadun (Metalist) and Ilya Putrya (Chernomorets), the 1st by Vladislav Gerych and Ilya Olkhovy (both – Lviv “).

The 10th goal in the UPL is scored by Alexander Andrievsky and Georgy Sudakov, the 5th by Kevin Kelsey, the 1st by Daniel Sosa (in the 4th game).

Volodymyr Salyuk scores the 550th goal of the 2022/23 season.

The 85th dry match in the championships of Ukraine is held by Yuriy Pankiv, the 55th by Yevhen Past, the 40th by Heorhiy Bushchan.

Igor Snurnitsyn receives the 2nd red card in his career, the 1st – Maxim Zhichikov (in the 47th game).

The 60th “yellow card” earns for his team this season Vladimir Odaryuk (“Ingulets”), the 50th – Yevhen Pasich (“Dnepr-1”).


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