“Fury will send Usyk to the Verkhovna Rada”


Outrageous Ukrainian welterweight boxer Ivan Redkach shared his expectations from a potential fight for the absolute heavyweight championship between Oleksandr Usyk and Briton Tyson Fury.

“Tyson will first send him to the galaxy, and then to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. This will end Usyk’s career. Tyson Fury and Usyk are at different levels of boxing.

I’ve been to three or four Fury fights in the gym and it was incredible. I was at his fights against Deontay Wilder, and after he was knocked down, I did not believe that he would get up, but he just got up like a terminator in a few seconds and did not lose a single fight to him in the end.

I don’t see any other options for Sasha after the defeat from Fury. Should he fight Wilder after that? Nobody will need such a fight after the crushing defeat from Fury,” Redkach said.

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2022-12-27 14:33:00

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