“I followed Marseille before. I saw Luc Besson’s “Taxi”


Ukrainian midfielder Ruslan Malinovsky In an interview with AFP, he told how he met Marseille, the city and the team:

“Yes, I followed Marseille before, it’s true. And I also saw Luc Besson’s Taxi! Four films. So I already knew the city a bit (smiles). And with my brother, we watched the matches of the team. I wouldn’t say we were real tifosi, but I knew the team, the jersey, the players.

Atalanta have had a great five seasons and Gasperini has built a very strong team. But before they were in the middle of the table. But having arrived in the French team, I would not say so.

Marseille is the number one club and city in France. A team that always plays for the first places is always under pressure.

War in Ukraine? The situation is very simple. People in Ukraine want to live away from Russians. We don’t want to hear about them anymore. Everyone is tired of this war. For my part, I do what I can, my charitable foundation is working.

We held auctions, collected humanitarian aid. I also visited Ukrainian children at a school in Marseille. I want to help and give them some smiles during these difficult times.”

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2023-05-27 08:45:00

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