“I haven’t seen this in a long time. Heavy rain, hail and wind”


Vice President of Kryvyi Rih Kryvbas Artem Gagarin shared his impressions after the victory over Metalist Kharkiv (2:0) in the match of the 28th round of the UPL:

– I think that you have already been told a lot about the game. Footballers of both Kryvbas and Metalist. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that we had two opponents on the field. I’m not talking about referees now, but about the weather. What was in Krivoy Rog – I have not seen this for a long time. And the rain was so strong, and the hail, and the wind. At first we tried to hide from the rain, and then we did everything together so that the teams could play. Because there was so much rainfall that the drainage simply could not stand it.

Thank God that the technical team of Kryvbas and the stadium team worked hard. Both the stadium workers and the administrators helped and corrected everything. All have worked one hundred percent. I believe that today the credit for this victory belongs not only to the players and the coaching staff, but also to the boys who helped to prepare the field. I would like to add that at such moments you understand that Kryvbas is us!

– If today’s match did not take place, what would be the consequences, what would be the threat?

– Well, Metalist would have missed the train (smiles). We did our best to make the game happen. The game took place. This means that all services have worked one hundred percent. The tribunes applauded everyone who worked to ensure that there was no water. It was very nice and so touching! And I know that the guys in the dressing room also talked among themselves. They said that the team worked so well that we were able to go out and play football and win today.

I look, some media publish pictures and write: “Ah, they are with shovels!” Yes, with everything that was, we raked water for everyone. Yes, thank God that we also have special equipment for this, which we ordered immediately after the match with Metalist 1925, when there was such heavy rain here too. There was a flood, a natural disaster. And we ordered these two rinks. They exist, they work. This means that the club is working normally. From that “Kryvbas” we have one or two lawn mowers left. And here we even have such a technique that some do not even know about. It’s very cool and helpful. Helps the team win.

– Kryvbas won, on Saturday it will be City Day. The club dedicated this victory to the fans and residents of Kryvyi Rih. What are your wishes to the citizens?

– We congratulated chic! The victory over such an opponent as Metalist is doubly pleasant, and I would like to mention Klishchuk today, because he is patriotic. Who paid attention, he played today in a red uniform and green leggings, like the flag of Krivoy Rog. And it really worked great – one save was just incredible.

He really saved, played cool. And I know that he and the other guys dedicated the victory to our hometown. When we say “Kryvbas” – it’s us, it’s not only about the team, it’s about the whole city. We are Kryvbas, we win, we move forward! And can you imagine what will happen when our hometown has a round date? I don’t even know (smiles).

– By the way, according to statistics, the last time Kryvbas defeated Metalist in the UPL was 17.5 years ago. Maybe this is also a memorable match and result for Kryvbas?

– Given that we have not played for seven years plus two years in the First and Second Leagues, this is no longer 17 years … Always a pleasure! We are very friendly with the Metalist fans, but on the field we have a principled opponent, so it’s very nice to win.

I really look forward to the match between Kryvbas and Sevastopol! I think that the first game should be in the Crimea. I hope that maybe they will immediately be taken to the Major League and we will play next year after our great Victory.

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2023-05-27 06:00:00

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