Ice Hockey World Cup. USA beat Sweden to win group, Canada win


At the Ice Hockey World Championship, the US and Sweden national teams determined the winner of Group A in a face-to-face match. The Americans won the last round meeting with a score of 4:3 in overtime, completing the group stage with perfect statistics: 7 wins in seven meetings.

In the quarterfinals, the USA will play against Slovakia or Latvia.

The Swedes finished the group in second position, having lost 1:3 to Canada in the last match.

The Canadians, after two defeats in a row, managed to win and finished in the second position of Group B. In the quarter-finals they will play with Finland.

Ice Hockey World Championship

Group A

Sweden – USA 3:4 (in overtime)

Washers: 09:10 Karlsson (Tommernes, Lindberg) – 1:0, 16:48 Bonino (Gaultier, Tynan) – 1:1, 33:54 Garland (Mazur, Grimaldi) – 1:2, 39:30 Hutson – 1 :3, 54:51 Karlsson (Berggen, Johansson) – 2:3, 57:29 Liegrin (Tommernes, Lindberg) – 3:3, in overtime 02:00 Samberg – 3:4

Group B

Canada – Czech Republic 3:1

Washers: 19:12 Krebs (Glass, Hunt) – 1:0, 22:06 Caut (Fleck, Dvorak) – 1:1, 44:09 Myers (Quinn, Lawton) – 2:1, 59:24 Cruz – 3 :1

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