“If Kostyuk hates me, I can’t do anything about it”


World number two Arina Sobolenko aware that Ukrainian Marta Kostyuk will refuse to shake hands after their first round match at Roland Garros.

“If she hates me, fine. I can’t help it.

There are people who love me and there are people who hate me. If she hates me, I don’t feel anything for her.

If I could, I would stop the war. As for handshakes, I can understand Ukrainian women. I imagine that if they shake hands with tennis players from Russia and Belarus, they will receive so many messages from their countries.

So I understand why they don’t. At the same time, it seems to me that sport should not be connected with politics. It’s like we’re just athletes. If they feel good without shaking hands, I will be happy,” said Sobolenko.

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2023-05-26 20:52:00

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