Influenced disqualification. Brentford player diagnosed with gambling addiction


27-year-old English football player of Jamaican origin Ivan Tawneywho plays forward for Brentford, is suspended for 8 months.

This happened after the court found the footballer guilty of betting on sports. Of the 262 bets, 13 were made to lose their team.

However, Tawney initially faced a 15-month ban. The decision to reduce the term was influenced by the fact that Ivan was diagnosed gambling addiction – pathological addiction to gambling.

In addition, there is no evidence that the striker was able to influence the outcome of one of the thirteen matches he bet on, since the player did not participate in those games. Tawney also showed “genuine remorse”.

Tawney has made 35 appearances for Brentford this season in all competitions, scoring 21 goals and 5 assists. He is only allowed to return to training with his club during the last four months of his suspension, effective September 17, 2023.

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FA release reasons for Ivan Toney’s betting breaches ⤵️

• Made 16 bets on his own team to win 15 different games

• Bet 13 times on his own team to lose in 7 different matches – (Did not play in any of these)

He’s also been diagnosed with a gambling addiction

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