“It was one of the best matches. We have to take one more step.”


Head coach of Shakhtar Igor Yovichevich having given a press conference after the match of the 28th round of the UPL from Zorey (3:0):

– “Shakhtar” went to the game today, knowing the result of the match “Dnipro-1” – “Vorskla” (1:2). Ale zustrіch seemed to be more emotional: postіyni essences, fouls, injuries, crippling. Did you want to close the championship yourself in the first duel from Zorya and not invest in the last two rounds your status as a super player by destroying the game so aggressively?

– In principle, the result of the Dnipro-1 match gave us a little positive energy, on the front of the mountains, like a stink screamed in the rest of the seconds. And you don’t go anywhere – you just pour into the team the most emotionally, because football is a thunder of emotions. Ale team poraєtsya, controlє emotsії. It’s not so easy to win these days, because the distance is already great, the price of a pardon is even greater, and you can only win, and even if you win, you can get closer to the title.

This year is not a residual result – we have to play with Dniprom-1. Also, we have a nationality, we have those emotional susillas, which have been reported this year, – you should win a duel against the team, which, for the results, will be the best in another number of championships. “Zorya” is small 11 won in 12 games, and merit for the sake of it. To that, we seriously went to hell, and our respect was shown on the results. Three points are even more important for us, but the championship is not broken yet – we should win two matches.

I think I won one more match against Dniprom-1, in a sporting way I won for that blow, like a bula in the first time if I got hurt. For us, the goal is motivation. That bіl is our zbroya, with which we want to play in sports. If you bring the championship, then there will be no one more happy for us. So one more match, one more crochet. But this year the bula was such a gra, I respect you, it was worthy of you: intensity, competent tactful training, those who prepared the match for the future and showed themselves today, I think that this is one of the best matches of the season.

– I win with victory! Navit za rahunka 2:0 and all the time they told Sikan, they shouted, they helped him to play for an hour without a ball. The result is microtrauma and replacement. What do you already know about yoga camp?

– Surprisingly, the intensity was high, and the wine was a sprinter, and for such vanity, obviously, maybe the body does not show the m’yazi. Let’s hope, as the doctor says, there are still a couple of days before the match against Dniprom-1. I hope that all these microtraumas are seen as a rahunok of quiet emotions, that adrenaline, which we can see at once. That inkoli need to play through I can’t, be patient for the sake of the command, I’m doing it all the time.

I would like to make a good fortune and take over the club on National Day. Tse 87 years, and the club is always closed. Football players – the stink of the team: they come, they come, they leave. Ale club is a club. І vіn vіn zavzhd pon over a mustache, important for all football players, no matter how stench they were. Today, I marveled at the final of the UEFA Cup that Shakhtar won in 2009, and I would have liked to have been treated like this in just one hour. Tse my mind and my energy. Tse is our energy, our viability, more than today we can see our future.

And we do not get a single crochet. Ale, I think the team is ready and physically, emotionally, and tactfully, a little bit more robust. Obviously, it will not be easy against the archer superhero Dnipro-1, and I am convinced that everything will be fine in the end. But I’ll say it again: the club has 87 years, and I wanted to play Shakhtar at least 87 years at the same height, like an infection.

– As you said, the match against Dniprom-1 will be key and most important. What is the preparation plan for the winter season: the team will start working tomorrow tomorrow?

– Absolutely. At the same time, in the evening, it’s dedicated, so be it, I’ll overcome it, but, you know, for the whole season we don’t have time to please, calm down. In the evening, you go to dedicate to the holidays, but until you get to dessert, then you already think about the upcoming match, adrenaline starts and the weather grows. Likewise, like Liza’s champions, it’s not enough time, musish to switch to the next match and not think about the minuli. Only those who will be in a couple of days should not cry less: look back at the present day, improve the team in such a way as far as the present day, concentrate and show our best appearance.

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2023-05-25 00:35:00

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