“Mudrik’s price tag is a big burden for him”


Former player of the Ukrainian national team Yevgeny Levchenko shared his opinion on the problems of Mykhailo Mudryk at Chelsea:

– Why does Mikhail Mudrik fail at Chelsea – not the right team? Not the championship? Not at that time? High expectations?
– When a player moves to another club, it is always stressful and not always 100% successful. There are a lot of different factors that influence the course of your career in a team. When we talk with colleagues about how a football player should gradually move up in the class, I often emphasize that all football players want to play on the best contracts, but I think you need to come up with a plan so that you can gradually progress.

– If Mudrik moved to Arsenal, would things go better?
– I’m not sure, but when you have the opportunity to play abroad with a compatriot, you can quickly adapt. This is the very first thing to do – to master the language, culture, perception of the community, humor. We all understand that Mikhail needs time.

– Does the price tag have a psychological effect on Mikhail Mudrik?
– Yes, Mudrik’s price tag is a big burden for him. He understands that everyone expects results from him immediately. Yes, he has all the qualities for this, but he does not have the stability that I would like to see. By the way, he did not have such stability at Shakhtar either. He’s taken a very big step and I really hope he plays, but maybe he needs to take a small step back to gain experience. He now needs to play, play and play again at a new level. It takes time here. I really hope and wish that he would not break down psychologically.

Will Mudrik be able to change the situation in his favor?
– I would really like everything to work out for him and Mudrik to play for Chelsea. It’s not about whether or not it can, it’s about whether it fails. I believe in his qualities, but these qualities need to be manifested as soon as possible.

I understand that the Premier League is the dream of every football player, but this is a very difficult championship. When I spoke with Yarmolenko, Zinchenko, Dutch players who moved to the Premier League – everyone says that this is heaven and earth, a frantic pace, a completely different football.

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2023-05-25 20:09:00

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