Polissya plans to sign legionnaires before debut in UPL


General Director of “Polesye” Volodymyr Zagursky believes that in the summer the club will need to strengthen the roster with foreign players before the debut in the UPL.

“Legionnaires? They definitely will. In terms of quantity, we will see in the market. For any position, if there is an opportunity to improve qualitatively, we usually use it. But the market for directly Ukrainian football players is very narrow today, so you need to look for someone abroad.”

“Even without looking back at the struggle for the exotic, it is becoming more and more difficult to simply strengthen Ukrainian players for UPL matches. But if there are Ukrainians, then we will definitely give preference to them, and even better, to the Zhytomyrs,” Zagursky said.

The team, together with Obolon, secured access to the Premier League.

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2023-05-25 20:29:00

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