Prometheus – Venice. Prediction and announcement for the Eurocup match


The meeting “Prometheus” – “Venice” will be held on Wednesday, March 29, in Riga. The fight starts at 19.00 Kyiv time. The match will be shown live by Xsport and Setanta Sports Ukraine+ TV channels.

For more than five months, the regular championship of the second basketball European Cup in status continued. And today, with a series of matches across Europe, it is coming to an end. Slobozhansky “Prometheus” will also play its last match at this stage of the competition, in which our team will host the Italian “Venice”.

The current champion of Ukraine held the group stage at a very high level and is at the top of Group A before the last round. It is already known for sure that the Titans will not fall below the second position. And in order to finish at the head of the standings and get the maximum possible preferences before the start of the playoffs, Ronen Ginzburg’s wards need to beat their opponent today with any score. Another option is also possible. It includes a home defeat of the Spanish “Hoventut” against the Lithuanian “Litkabelis”. In this case, Prometheus will also finish the group stage on the first line. If the Ukrainian team loses and Hoventut wins their match, the Slobozhans will take the second final position.

“Venice” before the start of the tournament was considered as one of the middle peasants of the European Cup. In principle, the course of the competition confirmed the preliminary layouts. At the moment, the Italians have nine wins and eight losses in seventeen meetings, and everything goes to the fact that the team from the city on the water will complete the group stage in the middle of the standings.

The results of the matches of “Venice” in the European Cup 2022/2023:

October 11. “Ratiopharm” (Germany) – “Venice” (Italy) – 81:80 October 18. “Venice” (Italy) – “Burg” (France) – 73:79 on October 25. Cluj-Napoca (Romania) – Venice (Italy) – 80:85 on November 2. Venice (Italy) – Cedevita Olimpia (Slovenia) – 76:68 on November 22. “Venice” (Italy) – “Litkabelis” (Lithuania) – 74:71 on November 29. Brescia (Italy) – Venice (Italy) – 60:80 December 6. “Venice” (Italy) – “Bursaspor” (Turkey) – 78:65 December 14. Joventut (Spain) – Venice (Italy) – 90:87 December 21. “Venice” (Italy) – “Prometheus” (Ukraine) – 71:75 on January 11. “Venice” (Italy) – “Ratiopharm” (Germany) – 89:69 on January 17. Burg (France) – Venice (Italy) – 86:79 on January 24. “Venice” (Italy) – “Cluj-Napoca” (Romania) – 95:90 February 1. Cedevita Olimpia (Slovenia) – Venice (Italy) – 77:73 on February 8. Litkabelis (Lithuania) – Venice (Italy) – 87:84 on March 8. “Venice” (Italy) – “Brescia” (Italy) – 90:64 on March 15. Bursaspor (Turkey) – Venice (Italy) – 73:89 on March 22. “Venice” (Italy) – “Joventut” (Spain) – 75:80

The meeting of the first round between today’s rivals took place on the eve of the Christmas and New Year holidays. On the twenty-first of December in Italy, the opponents showed a stubborn struggle, in which the Slobozhansky club managed to get the upper hand – 71:75. The most productive basketball player in the “Prometheus” in that game was the Czech center Ondzhey Balvin (18 points + 8 rebounds), and the American DJ Kennedy once again demonstrated his versatility (15 points + 5 rebounds + 5 assists).

Compared to this match, “Venice” has undergone significant changes. First of all, they touched on the coaching bridge. After a series of setbacks in February, the head coach of the Italian club, Walter de Rafaele, who had worked in the team’s structure for more than eleven years, was fired. In his place came the famous Croatian mentor Neven Spahia. The roster of the Apennine team has also undergone changes. In the ranks of “Venice” is no longer the American defender Alleric Freeman and the Spanish center Yankuba Sima. But for the final part of the season from the Bosnian club Igokea, an overseas back-line player Kendrick Rey was signed.

It is worth noting that Ronen Ginzburg will not be able to count on DJ Kennedy in today’s match. The American legionnaire was injured last Saturday in the game against the Estonian “Viismi” in the quarterfinals of LEBL and the timing of his return to the floor is not yet known. This is very bad news for Prometheus, because Kennedy is a critical basketball player in the Titans’ game model.

The game with “Venice” will draw a line under a fairly large stage of the current season for the current champion of Ukraine. Already now, Prometheus can be highly appreciated for the group round of the European Cup, but I want Ronen Ginzburg’s wards to complete it on a positive note. The victory over the Italian team will bring the “titans” the final first place in the group, which only incredible optimists could count on before the start of the season. The importance of the moment is certainly understood in the Slobozhansky club, so the “titans” will make every effort to achieve a winning result and gain an additional number of advantages before the start of the playoffs. forecast: Prometheus win.

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