Redkach told why Lomachenko did not become the absolute world champion


Ukrainian welterweight boxer Ivan Redkach (23-6-1, 18 KOs) explained why Vasily Lomachenko (17-2, 11 KOs) failed to become the undisputed world champion.

“I am often condemned in Ukraine for my straightforwardness, but if we take even the same Lomachenko now: if he hadn’t gone to the second Olympics, but immediately switched to professionals, he would already be the absolute champion and would have broken all possible records . But now he has already lost his former self, and in his possible fight with Devin Haney, he is a clear underdog.

No matter how much we love and care for our body, it wears out and gets old. Vasya has 400 amateur fights, and that’s a lot. He has been in boxing since childhood, and now his speed is not the same, his legs are not the same, he has achieved a lot in boxing, but the fact that he did not become the absolute world champion in boxing is not a problem. He became the world champion in three leading versions. He wanted to collect all the world records, but this does not happen. I respect him as a fighter, I came to all his fights and supported him and looked up to him, ”Redkach said.

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2022-12-27 15:49:00

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