Tennis players from Russia and Belarus will be able to play at Wimbledon 2023


The organizers of Wimbledon have announced that this year tennis players from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus will be able to play at the Grand Slam grass tournament.

“We intend to accept applications from Russian and Belarusian players, provided that they act as “neutral” athletes and comply with the relevant conditions. They prohibit the expression of support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine in various forms and prohibit the participation of players receiving funding from Russian and / or Belarusian states (including sponsorship from companies under the control or control of these states),” the statement said.

It is reported that the conditions have been carefully developed based on a constructive dialogue between the UK government, the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and international tennis organizations.

Russian and Belarusian players, as well as their teams, will have to sign a “declaration of neutrality”, which will be controlled and provided with tours.

“We believe that, all things considered, this is the most appropriate arrangement for Wimbledon this year. If circumstances change materially between now and the start of the championship, we will consider and respond accordingly,” said All England Club chairman Ian Hewitt.

Last year, the British did not allow athletes from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus to their tournaments, for which the men’s and women’s tours deprived Wimbledon of rating points and threatened to deprive tournaments in England of licenses if the ban was not lifted. The LTA was also fined £1.5 million.

Wimbledon 2023 will take place from 3 to 16 July.

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2023-03-31 17:25:00

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