The list of the UAF is adequate, but without a coach it is inferior


Recently, the UAF through its official website announced the list of players called up for the June matches of the national team. Let me remind you that there will be three of these matches: against the German national team (June 12, friendly game), against North Macedonia (June 16, Euro 2024 qualifier) ​​and Malta (June 19, Euro 2024 qualifier).

First of all, I want to note that, unlike a similar situation on the eve of the opening match of the Euro 2024 qualification against England, this time we saw and heard the names of the candidates for the national team promptly.

However, if, again, compared with that suspended March context, this time there is still a negative connotation. I would like to hope that the key word in this case is “so far”. This, as you understand, is about the person of the head coach of the country’s main team. So far, it doesn’t exist as such. But there is a list of called players.

I won’t say that all this smells bad, but that it looks strange, that’s for sure. I understand the great desire of the federation boss to see Sergei Rebrov at the helm of the first team, who, it seems, is packing the last formalities of his stay in Al Ain into a traveling suitcase. If this is true, then, most likely, it was Sergei Stanislavovich who became the author of the “list of 27” (that is how many players received calls to the national team).

And if not? Then what, Alexei Mikhailichenko and Oleg Protasov compiled the list while smoking in the office on Cherepanova Gora? And who then, in this situation, will directly manage the team’s game?

I understand that the second option is unlikely. And that Ruslan Rotan cannot be in the national team of Ukraine at the moment by definition (at least the fact that his youth team will start at Euro 2023 very soon). And that Andrei Pavelko swore after the game with the British that the “national team” would be led to the next match by a “full-fledged” mentor.

I understand it all. However, as a man of the old school, he is used to believing not in words, but in facts. Specifically, for now, the fact is this: there is a list of players called up for the three June matches, but there is no head coach. This is not force majeure, not an accident and not a pattern. This is just bungling, which by no means adds whists to Andrei Vasilyevich.

Well, God be with him. Much more interesting to talk about the list itself.

From the “first lines of my letter” I want to note that, in my opinion, the list is very adequate. Regarding the reason for some of the names that appeared in it, one can only discuss, and not argue to the point of hoarseness. It does not contain “passengers” like Konoplyanka, called last time thanks to “family ties”. There are people in it who deserve, as for me, a debut attempt at writing, which will be discussed below. And, perhaps, some who deserved to be among those called from old memory.

Well, something like that, speaking in general.

Now let’s go over the specifics.

For convenience, I propose to review the “UAF list” by position.


Bushchan, Trubin Lunin. There are generally no special options and no special comments. Dynamo is generally the best at the moment among his colleagues. And it is very good that he has already recovered from the injury. Miner – taking into account the long absence of Buschan – the best in the UPL. And Lunin is just Real Madrid.

Earlier, when he had game practice, Ryznyk was called. But now he is in Shakhtar’s deep reserve. Volynets is now far from the ideal form, Isenko, Rybak and Saputin have not yet grown stronger, have not matured to such a level. So everything is objective.


It will be more difficult here, although there will certainly be arguments in favor of the called ones.

So, all three of the best (in my opinion) right-wing defenders of the country received a call: Tymchik, Konoplya and Karavaev. True, the latter was only on the reserve list. But only because of the fact that recently he had tangible health problems.

With regards to the left-flank defencists. Mikolenko is in the ranks, and this is the main thing. Sobol, who not so long ago received an unpleasant injury – a broken nose, also made it to the main list. In my subjective opinion, Edward could have been put on the reserve list. Instead of Mikhailichenko.

Now about the centerbacks. By analogy with Mikolenko, it’s very cool that Zabarny has finally recovered. Matvienko was predictably on the list as well. This couple is the best we have right now. And then there may be variations on the theme. The captain of Dnepr-1, Svatok, deserved, in my opinion, a challenge. Bondar from Shakhtar – well, perhaps, in the form of an advance. Krivtsov? Let it be as a good mood. Like Kacharaba in the reserve.

Who forgot to call? Denis Popov, Sirota, Sarapiy, Batagov? Worthy candidates. But hardly stronger than those on the list.


I’ll start right away not with the presence, but the absence. The loss of Zinchenko is very, very tangible. Replacing the “gunner” and the vice-captain of the national team is almost impossible. But such is football life: someone drops out due to injuries, someone returns to duty.

“Going through” the names among this game role, I understood somewhere in my subconscious that Stepanenko and Sidorchuk would be in the “base” anyway. Where without the captains of the two best domestic clubs. It seems to me that Her Majesty’s force of inertia worked here. Whoever compiled the UAF list – Rebrov, Mikhailichenko or Pavelko himself – he would hardly have dared to refuse the services of honored veterans. To be honest, I would hardly have decided right now.

With the rest of the defendants in midfield, I, excuse my arrogance, agree. And with Ignatenko, and with Pikhalenok, and with Kochergin. Vlad is having a great season at Rakuva, he really wants to get into the national team. It seems that all the stars converged in the correct configuration.

Who else could be called? I really like the progress of Zorya defensive midfielder Brazhko. I also like Kryskiv from Shakhtar, but in the future. Probably deserved a call to the national team and “miner” Bondarenko. Well, at least on the reserve list. But there was another Shakhtar player – Shved. Why? Taste, nothing else.

But the fact of Shaparenko’s presence only in the “reserve” is objective. Nikolai would have been very useful in the “base”, but he only recently recovered from the consequences of a complex injury. It is hardly advisable to immediately throw it under the “tank”.


Dovbik – no alternatives. Vanat – objectively deserved it: he is one of the few strikers in our football who is able to use real dribbling. Yaremchuk… My pain, you leave me. With all its disadvantages, they could not call it. Even more “could not” than Sidorchuk and Stepanenko. To be honest, I would call Roman too.

Who else could you try? Well, perhaps, Nazaria Rusin and Alefirenko. They are now in full view of the UPL. Although the same type with Vanat. If you choose from this trinity, then Dynamo, in my opinion, still seems to be a more preferable option.

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