The national team of Ukraine will play 5 matches on the eve of the start in the pre-qualification of the Olympic Games


Ukraine basketball team coach Vitaly Stepanovsky told how the “blue-yellow” will prepare for the pre-qualification tournament for the Olympics.

“I’ll start with the fact that just the day before, the control match against the Jordanian national team broke down, which at the last moment, having already confirmed the agreement with us, changed plans. But for sure we have control matches on July 29 against LithuaniaAugust 5 vs. Israel and August 7 against Netherlands. While we continue to search for two more opponents, we still have time.

All opponents are good, I would like to play against a non-European team. We also had an option with Lebanon, but they also first confirmed it, and then turned out to be. We need five matches that I have planned with the general fitness coach.

On July 5th we start gathering in Riga. Before that, physical training coach Alexei Konovalov will start working with the players, and has already started with some, such as Krutous, Pavlov. The guys are already training, because their season ended earlier, especially Pavel. He said he wanted to start preparing and getting in shape.

Konovalov prepares a questionnaire for each player and, taking into account the information received from the guys about possible injuries that someone had, he will draw up a training plan with a gym, running work. The guys will prepare in such a way that they will come to the national team on July 15 already in good condition.

We will no longer have time to get in shape, because the first game is scheduled for July 26th. There will be no time to build up – everyone should come in good shape. Now some guys are still continuing their club season, but even taking this into account, they will have time to rest, and then they will have to prepare for the national team,” Stepanovsky said.

Recall that in the group round of the pre-Olympic qualification, the rivals of the Ukrainian national team were the teams of Turkey, Bulgaria and Iceland. The matches will be held in Istanbul.

To enter the qualifying tournament, Ukraine needs to become one of the top two in the group stage, and then win the playoffs, starting from the semi-finals. Only the winners of the pre-qualifiers will receive a spot in the Olympic Qualifier.

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2023-05-24 17:46:00

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