The season will be played. The boss of FC Lviv decided to send the team to the game with Kolos


The leadership of FC Lviv decided not to ignore the end of the UPL season and decided to send the team to the last 30th round match against Kolos, which will take place on June 4.

For reasons of economy, it is planned that the players will leave for Kovalevka early in the morning on the day of the match, which did not cause enthusiasm within the team, informs TaToTake.

The team’s players expect to receive their salary for April, while the issue of their salary in May remains open.

For the visiting team, this match has no tournament or strategic significance. “Lviv” flew out of the UPL and will almost certainly cease to exist. The source hopes that this game will be held in a fair sports competition.

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2023-05-24 05:30:00

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