“There are no conflicts with Vita Semerenko”


The head coach of the Ukrainian women’s biathlon team Oleksandr Kravchenko spoke about the situation around Vita Semerenko, who lost her place in the World Cup team this season:

“I didn’t communicate with Vita. There are no conflicts with her, they just did not talk. If there is competition in the team, when there are five places to start, and there are seven or eight girls … The same Irina Petrenko is experienced, Valya Semerenko.

If there is motivation and a good result, then they would be happy to run at the World Cups. But if there is no result that they expected, or health can, then you can also earn money at the IBU Cup.”

Recall that before the start of the season there was information that Vita Semerenko ended her career. The biathlete herself denied this information.

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2022-12-27 19:59:00

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