“There are weak commentators in Ukraine. I can’t listen to them”


The legendary Ukrainian coach Vitaliy Kvartsyany has criticized domestic commentators, because of which he has to watch UPL matches without sound.

“We have weak commentators. I can’t listen to them. I believe that there should be a special commission on TV that will allow the best to air.

Brazil and Poland have crazy commentators to look up to. There used to be Ozerov and Kote Makharadze – unique commentators who wanted to listen.

There are many commentators in Ukraine, but they are mostly inexperienced and need to be prompted. We have one commentator whom I can listen to – this is Slavik Fridman (director of Dnepr-1, – ed.).

I remember how he used to commentate on several matches, and he did a great job – he clearly said where and who had the ball, and did not engage in gag. The commentator is not an expert, he needs to talk specifically about the match,” said Kvartsyany.

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2023-05-25 14:20:00

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