“There is a serve, and everyone is standing on straight legs as if nailed down”


Armenia national team head coach Alexander Petrakov commented on a draw in a friendly match against Cyprus (2:2):

“It turned out to be a good and instructive game. There is a lot of information for me. I saw 5 new guys. I took a risk, because I have to watch and choose them. I don’t have control games anymore, only official ones. You understand what is at stake. I will know who to count on, and whom I still need to look for. Let’s just say the result is 2:2. It’s not bad for the audience, in principle. I’ll be honest and frank: I really wanted to win, but, you see, I failed again.

Double Ranos? One huge request to journalists – do not praise the guy too much. Because Armenian blood flows in the veins. Then they disappear for a while. And you won’t find them anymore, you’ll be pulling them out for half a year after that, if you praise them now. He did his job. We watched this guy, they asked me about him. I checked out his games on WyScout. And immediately gave the go-ahead for this guy to be on our team. I trusted him and talked to him. The guy came out and scored two goals. He is not yet 20 years old, I am very pleased with his actions, but do not overpraise him. Lots of new information. 7 guys made their debut in the team. Some are better, some are worse. Ranos played well, the main thing is that he does not get lost further.

I don’t think our problem is tactical. We have worked out the standards. We have a small team. When they played personally, only the ball flew – no one is holding anyone. I said that if the ball is served from the gate, then you need to take a step forward a meter and a half. He said that the legs should be funny, everything else. He warned the goalkeeper that he must command and speak. It’s useless – there is a serve, and everyone stands on straight legs as if nailed down. Just yesterday we studied standard positions. And the fact that they did not have time in the center of the field for rebounds – so the guys got tired. We only have two defensive midfielders who can play in the national team. No more at the moment.”

VIDEO. Petrakov’s press conference after Armenia’s match against Cyprus

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2023-03-29 08:43:00

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