“There is no time to rejoice, in four days Ingulets”


The coach of Metalist 1925 Kharkiv Oleg Golodyuk commented on the victory over Metalist (2:0) in the match of the 27th round of the Ukrainian Premier League.

– Oleg Yurievich, congratulations on the victory, what are your first impressions after the game?
– Thank you, probably, while emotions are overwhelmed. We need to move back a little, the guys on the field left all their strength. To date, the main thing for us was to take three points, which we did successfully. But having an advantage, with a score of 2:0, they began to play somewhat calmly, and such matches need to be brought more calmly to their logical conclusion.

Emotions are only positive, both for us and for the guys. We thanked them for the game, the locker room is positive, but we understand that everything is still ahead. There is no time to rejoice, in four days we have an equally important game with Ingulets.

– After yesterday’s matches, the club fell into the zone of transitional matches, didn’t it put pressure on the team?
– As you can see, since we won, we showed a pretty good game, so the guys did a good job. Everything depended on us and everything depends on us. It is most important. In order not to depend on the results of other teams, now everything is in our hands.

– How did it affect that it was a derby?
Derby is derby. I had a Lviv derby when I was a football player, I was looking forward to these matches. Always emotions, especially good when they are pleasant after a victory.

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2023-05-22 06:21:00

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