“There were no cases when my interlocutors supported the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus”


Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina told how other athletes reacted to her quick return to big sport after the birth of her daughter.

How was your return received in the Tour?
– I was received very warmly, so many people were surprised by my physical form, because Sky was only 5.5 months old when I returned to Charleston and played a very good match there. A lot of people were surprised, they came up to me, asked about Skye, most of the questions are about her (laughs). So I was received very well.

– Were there any problems or negativity in connection with your, and other Ukrainian tennis players, position regarding the ban of Russian and Belarusian players?
– I have not had any cases where the interlocutor showed some kind of support towards Russia or Belarus. I know that some of my acquaintances have come across such a position, in general in the world, not only athletes, they say, Belarusians and Russians should play that “sport is out of politics”. These are already comments that are outdated and they have clear and understandable explanations for which they no longer have arguments.

I have not had such situations, everyone knows my clear position. If they want to say something to me, I am ready to answer.

Ukraine’s support is very good. I see this in my foundation, in United24, we have the opportunity to hold some kind of events, to raise funds. As soon as I returned, we immediately held a charity match between professionals and amateurs with the help of a tournament in Charleston. So we do these small events that can help in raising money.

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2023-05-26 18:58:00

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