“They were exhausted, but the team was great”


56-year-old Tony Adams, who once played in the defense of London’s Arsenal, named the reason and timing when Mikel Arteta’s wards dropped out of the fight for the title in the English Premier League this season.

“We depended on Sack and Martinelli for most of the season. You could give Emil [Смит-Роу] more time. They [Сака и Мартинелли] we would need at the end of the season. We always need them at the finish line.

I expected the team to stumble, but this did not happen. There was a stable back four. The goalkeeper looked confident. The balance in midfield was perfect. Everything went on as usual. But once resources run out, [случилась] a couple of injuries, the players were out of shape, it didn’t work. Think, [титул] was missed two or three months ago. They were out of breath.

This team was great. Nobody expected this. They coped brilliantly, and Arteta hurt. He got the most out of these players and that’s all you need from a coach,” Adams said.

Arsenal are currently second in the Premier League table with 81 points from 37 matches. Manchester City became the early champion with 88 points after 36 games.

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2023-05-22 18:36:00

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