Through e-mail. The Dnepr-1 player was offered to sign the Greek giant


In the near future, the Argentine midfielder Domingo Blanco may leave the Dnipro-1 location.

The day before it was reported that Blanco’s services were offered to his former club, Independiente, and now confirmation of this information has come from Greece.

According to, Blanco “does not feel happy in Dnipro and imagined his experience in Europe differently.” The Argentine would like to pursue a career in a country that is not in the grip of war and is closer to the center of the European continent.

Last summer, Blanco, who was in the status of a free agent, was actively interested in Panathinaikos, but then the football player’s agents chased the money and convinced their client to move to Ukraine.

Now, having received a task from Blanco, agents are trying hard to find a new club for the midfielder. In particular, they contacted Panathinaikos via e-mail, hoping that the Greek club would return to the option of signing Blanco.

It should be noted that Blanco’s contract with Dnipro-1 is valid until the summer of 2025.

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2023-05-26 14:22:00

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