“Today Edmar and Metalist 1925 played catenaccio”


Mentor “Ingulets” Sergey Kovalets commented on the draw in the match of the 28th round of the UPL against Metalist 1925 (0:0):

“Today was such an interesting football. The game was on the result. I talked to Edmar, I told him: Edik, you are Brazilian, but you did catenaccio. We understand that teams play for the result.

We wanted to win. Unfortunately, it was not possible to use the opportunities that we had. Rahunok 0:0. We still have two matches in which we must win.

The players try to score, but somewhere there is not enough luck, somewhere the defense or the goalkeeper plays well. So far so. Thinking about Lviv. What is there to worry about now? We need to prepare for the next matches.

Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and thank God that we have the opportunity to play football in this difficult wartime. We see that Russia is a terrorist, it bombs every day. But we will win, there will be our victory over these terrorists. We thank the military that we can play and maintain the image of the country.”

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2023-05-26 02:23:00

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