“UPL TV has no concept, Setanta gives a good amount”


The former director of TV channels Football 1/2/3, and now the director of marketing and media of FC Polesie, Alexander Denisov, doubts that the UPL TV project will be launched in the near future.

“There is an idea – let’s make UPL TV. The working group is now meeting. So far there is no concept. There is an idea of ​​a platform with only one content. UPL only. We take into account December, January, February – emptiness, June, July – emptiness. The platform will generate something 7 months a year, and not every day. What does the viewer want? If he is signed, he wants to receive something every day.

“On the other hand, there is Setanta, which, in the case of a common telepool, is ready to pay a certain amount, and even a very good amount, in my opinion, but some clubs stand on the position that they do not want to work with channels.”

“The price of the package is 100-120 hryvnia per month? How is this price calculated? Why not 80 or 200 – no one explains. We need to attract specialists who would develop the concept,” Denisov said.

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2023-05-25 18:49:00

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