VIDEO. Vinicius posted a video of how the stands called him a monkey


In Spain, a scandal erupted with insults to the player on racist grounds. Real Madrid forward Vinicius Junior during the match with Valencia (0:1) he experienced unpleasant moments.

Vinicius posted a video of how the stands at many matches insulted a black player, calling him a monkey. In a comment to the video, the Real Madrid player wrote:

“Each tour on the road is an unpleasant surprise. And this season there were a lot of them. Death wishes, hanging dolls, many criminal cries. Everything is recorded. But we are talking about “isolated cases”, “one fan”. No, these are not isolated cases. These are continuous episodes scattered throughout several cities in Spain (and even on TV programs).

The evidence is on video. Now I ask: how many of these racists have their names and photos posted on the websites? The simple answer is: zero. Not to tell a sad story or make a fake public apology.

What is missing to punish these people? And punishments of clubs in sports? Why don’t sponsors charge La Liga? Why does TV broadcast this barbarism every weekend?

The problem is very serious and communication is no longer working. And don’t blame me to justify criminal acts. This is not football, this is inhumanity.”

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2023-05-23 01:27:00

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