“We expect Barcelona to admit their mistake”


CEO of FC Shakhtar Sergey Palkin responded to a video recorded by FC Barcelona players and posted on the Telegram channel of the official broadcaster of La Liga, with words of gratitude to the Russian fans for their support during the season.

“Ukrainian football club Shakhtar expresses its indignation at the widespread video message from Barcelona players Alejandro Balde and Sergi Roberto with words of gratitude to football fans from Russia.

For the second year on the territory of Ukraine, a bloody military invasion by the Russian Federation continues, for which there is no justification. Thousands of Ukrainians became victims of this war, dozens of cities were destroyed, millions of people lost their homes and became refugees. The whole world united in support of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people and condemned the invasion. Every day we do everything to bring Ukraine’s victory closer and to protect the European values ​​of freedom and democracy. The Polish people provide special assistance to Ukraine: in particular, the captain of the Polish national team and Barcelona forward Robert Lewandowski has repeatedly demonstrated his solidarity with the Ukrainians.

And at this time, we see how the players of one of the leading clubs in the world, Barcelona, ​​turn to the Russians, expressing their gratitude and support to them. We consider this an impossible and simply immoral act. We must remember that not a single victory on the football field is worth the life of a child, no money earned in the football market is worth destroyed cities and crippled destinies of people.

Hopefully FC Barcelona realizes that their support for a country like Russia is absolutely unacceptable at this time. We expect the club to admit their mistake and avoid such situations in the future.”

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2023-05-22 14:20:00

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