“We have to win every match”


Dynamo winger Vladislav Kabaev commented on the crushing victory over Oleksandriya (5:1) in the away match of the 27th round of the Ukrainian Premier League.

– The scoreboard is 5:1. Can we say that the victory was easy?
There are never easy wins. It’s good that they scored the ball almost from the first moment. But I will not say that the victory is easy. This is if a person has not watched the match and looks only at the scoreboard, then he can say so. Oleksandriya has changed the pattern of the game a lot, compared to how it played half a year or a year ago. There are a lot of young players there, you can see the pattern of the game. In general, a big plus for them for this. But we came here to win, and we got it.

– Did the quick goal help the team?
– I think yes. A quick goal will help any team, you feel more comfortable psychologically, you have new strength. Perhaps, having scored the first and second goals, we relaxed a little, but it’s okay, even during the alarm, we were sure that we could score more.

How did the rain affect the game?
— The weather changed, to be honest, very much. Sometimes it was hot, sometimes it was raining… At first, yes, it was raining, but the field was of very high quality. It was very hard to run, it seems that I gained a couple of kilos. And so everything was fine – it was not snow, and not some kind of swamp. Everything is super.

– Immediately after the match was resumed after an alarm, your cross and own goal happened …
– We played a little easier, we were waiting for the opponent’s mistake. It was a normal game situation.

– What are the team’s goals for the last matches of the season?
– I’ll say it tritely: Dynamo should win in every match. So it was, is and will be. Therefore, in the last three matches it is necessary to do just that.

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2023-05-22 15:14:00

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