“We were good at getting out of defense, had a lot of chances”


Dynamo Kyiv defender Konstantin Vivcharenko commented on the crushing victory over Oleksandriya (5:1) in the match of the 27th round of the Ukrainian Premier League.

– Trips to Oleksandria are always difficult. Were you ready for a difficult confrontation, especially considering that our teams are side by side in the standings?
– In general, we tune in to the maximum for each game, regardless of the opponent. For me personally, this is the first away match against Oleksandriya, but I really heard from the guys that it’s always difficult here. Fortunately, today we managed to confidently win.

– What did the coaches pay attention to in the opponent’s actions when preparing for the fight?
– First of all, on how the team plays through the pass, does not rashly hit the ball forward, but tries to combine. So we watched their matches, analyzed them well – as a result, the score was 5:1 in our favor.

– Did a quick goal help you feel lighter?
– Yes, sure. In general, today we managed to get out of defense well, had many chances, so everyone is happy with both the game and the result.

– Buyalsky’s masterpiece pass and your cool goal from the summer are just the highlight of today’s match …
– I saw a free zone, ran into it, and Vitalik noticed my movement. This is his second goal pass to me, it’s good that the ball landed on his foot and hit the goal.

There are three games left to play this season. What tasks do you set for yourself, given the standings in the tournament?
– We will look at the table after the last round. Until then, we will go to every game and try to achieve the maximum result.

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2023-05-22 15:59:00

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