“When the strategy is wrong, money will not help”


Manchester United head coach Eric ten Hag spoke about the difficulties that Chelsea had to face in the era of the arrival of a new owner to the club.

“Yes, absolutely. When there is no strategy behind the process, when the strategy is wrong, money will not help.

There are good players, the best coaches and money in the UK right now. Because of this, competition is high. You need to make the right decisions. You can own money, but you have to spend it wisely. And we need a strategy,” said Erik ten Hag.

Chelsea are currently 12th in the Premier League table with 43 points after 36 games. Man United are in 4th position with 69 points. On Thursday, May 25, Manchester United and Chelsea will play each other at Old Trafford in a rescheduled match of the 32nd round.

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2023-05-25 11:52:00

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