“Yaremchuk needs to become Ibrahimovic in terms of psychology”


The legendary Ukrainian coach Vitaliy Kvartsyany spoke about the situation around the striker of the Ukrainian national team and Brugge Roman Yaremchuk, who cannot find his game in Belgium.

“The Belgian championship is stronger than the Ukrainian one, so it is better for Yaremchuk to stay there. He must wait for his chance and the coach. He didn’t score a few 100% chances and they stopped putting him in the squad.

I believe that Roman needs to be trusted and he will break through – he will start to score, he will catch confidence and everything will go like clockwork. I believe in him. Now Yaremchuk needs to believe in himself and start concentrating more.

There is no need to go anywhere if there is no conflict with the coach or management. Otherwise, you need to ask for a loan – to play. Yaremchuk needs to become Ibrahimovic in terms of psychology. He is always concentrated and plays almost with a cigarette in his mouth. Complete chill!

And Yaremchuk, probably vulnerable, is worried about everything, and this is the main problem, ”said Kvartsyany.

Yaremchuk has made 32 appearances this season, scoring two goals and four assists.

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2023-05-24 18:43:00

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