“You saw what force majeure happened”


On Thursday, May 25, the match of the 28th round of the UPL between the clubs “Kryvbas” and “Metalist” took place. The game ended with the score 2:0 in favor of the team from Krivoy Rog.

After the end of the meeting, the head coach of Kryvbas Yuri Vernidub commented to his students:

– I want to convey my congratulations to the city of Krivoy Rog and all its residents on the forthcoming City Day. Thanks to the team for giving us the win. As for the match against Metalist: there was a good game, the opponent also played football and had good chances. In my opinion, we more deserved this victory. We scored two good goals, we could have scored more.

We must move on. It remains to play two away games: on May 29 in Kyiv with Metallist 1925, and then on June 4 in Uzhgorod with Dnepr-1. This concludes our championship. Thanks again to everyone who came and supported us. We are very happy that we have such fans. Congratulations to all and Happy Holidays!

– What played the last role in the fact that the teams still took to the field after all the weather disasters?

– A big thank you to all our people who did everything to make this match happen. You saw what force majeure happened: heavy rain, hail. There was a lot of water in the field. I thank the agronomists and all the technical workers: they reacted quickly and did everything possible to ensure that the field was in such a condition that it would be possible to play here. A low bow to all the employees of the club.

– And finally, a new leader has appeared in the club – Daniel Sosa … Do you agree?

– God bless! A good football player, I have said this more than once. It’s too early to talk about anything. Everything is in his hands: how he will work, how he will fight. This attacking player should benefit our team.

– Substituting Sosa in the second half does it mean that now his physical condition is a bit lacking for a full match?

We have been waiting for a man for two months. He recently arrived and has not yet taken the optimal shape. Moreover, Sosa did not pass the training camp with us. I treat every player with respect and care. Again, we have a lot of injuries, and we have two rounds ahead.

Moreover, Lunev will miss the game with Metalist 1925 due to a bust of cards, but Zaderaka will return. Tatarkov quickly recovered: he is grateful to the medical staff for quickly raising him to his feet. The injury was moderate, but well done, recovered and ready to play.

– A question from the fans: will we be able to see Jean Poe in action before the end of the championship?

– This is a question for our medical staff and chief physician. As I know, it’s not easy. Jean’s course of treatment ends in mid-June. I don’t want to and won’t risk it. He is slowly training with us, but at the speed at which he can, nothing more.

Although he is a very, very cool footballer: in terms of technique, ball handling, speed and dribbling, Po has everything. He is on loan at Kryvbas by the summer, but if he wants to stay and the doctor confirms his physical readiness, we will be happy to continue cooperation with Jean.

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2023-05-26 02:54:00

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