“Zorya wanted to beat Shakhtar as if we were the 10th UPL team”


Midfielder Shakhtar Artem Bondarenkothe author of the goal scored against Zorya, commented on the winning match with the Luhansk team in the UPL (3:0):

– Congratulations on your victory! Your summary about the match?

– Thank you! A general comment can be summed up in two words: I am happy. We won an important victory over a good opponent. Before the game, it was not very good to read the news, where they said: “We have to beat Shakhtar,” as if we were the 10th team in the championship. I think today we showed the result and mood with our game – everything was at the highest level.

– Did such news set the team aggressively?

– It motivated the team in a good way. There is self-respect, therefore it is even better to read such news.

Why was the pace slow?

– It’s hard to say, I think it was hot. Despite the pace of the match, the skill was at a high level, because Zorya demonstrate good football and we are also trying to do it. I think the fans liked the game.

– How is it to score in such an important and responsible match?

– As I said before: there are no small victories, and I am pleased to score both for the last team and for the second or fourth. I don’t want to single out this goal as super-important. I’m happy that I helped the team win, and it motivates me and makes me happy. But I would not call this goal directly so super-important.

– What is the importance of this goal?

– This goal helped us calm down and close the game, because with the score 1-0 the team was a little uncertain. And already with the score 2:0 you stand on your feet more confidently, you breathe easier and the score gives you wings.

– Did it become easier for the team to play after the opponent sent off?

– Certainly! The rival on emotions was mistaken. It is clear that in such a match an additional player is a big advantage.

– Did the defeat of Dnipro-1 add motivation?

– We try not to watch the games of Dnipro-1, but we knew the result and this motivated us. We understood that there is a good chance to increase the gap.

– Shakhtar is one step away from the title. You, like many young players, are in this situation for the first time. Do you have worries or feel excessive pressure?

– Of course, there is pressure, but it has been with us for some time, from match to match. We approach Dnipro-1 with respect, because we lost to them last year. I hope we can redeem ourselves this time.

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2023-05-25 02:12:00

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